Monday, 3 April 2017

9 weeks pregnant step by step guide

Being pregnant is one of the super but hard feelings in the world. The feeling of being two people, the feeling of being a mother and having someone inside you is beautiful ever. Most of the couples get to know that she is pregnant when almost it’s one month. But the process begins from a very first week of pregnancy. 

We will discuss 9 weeks pregnant symptoms, precautions, and caring mother need. In the 9th week of your pregnancy, you may not look pregnant to others but you will feel it by yourself. You self-development will start affecting. Your nails and hair will grow faster than before. Your dresses will start fit than before. Your waistline will thickening and hormone induced bloating. Your chest will grow and your nipples will get darker. Your veins will more prominent because your blood will get more volume and carry more Nutrition. This is the right time tell your fellows about your pregnancy. In these days your cheeks will glow more and your mood will more positive. But will not stay the same. 

a woman at 9 weeks pregnant

At this stage, your baby will only of size of a peanut, or a piece of a grape. But he already has developed its growth. His head will straight and mind and neck will start producing. Some symptoms of 9 weeks pregnant are as follows:
         Biliousness or Vomiting: You will sickness and maybe have to vomit multiple time in a day.
         Common urination: urination will double than routine.
         Tender Breast: Due to some hormones your breast will hurt a little. As I mention before the size of your breast will increase so maybe you will also feel pain.
         Fatigue: You will tire all the day. A physical disturbance will occur.
         Dizziness: More anger might be possible to lose your balance.
         Unexpected emotions: Your mood will change, sometimes irritated and sometimes happy.
         Hunger: Your hunger will increase. And it’s good for your baby’s growth.
Make sure the all mention symptoms maybe some of them is not appearing yet but more than 80% will show up. As this is a sensitive part because your baby’s mind will grow there you should follow following instructions. Remember do not only follow the tutorials before trying anything must contact your doctor. Otherwise, we will suggest following precautions.
         Do not eat undercooked food, meat, fish, or eggs.
         Avoid eating swordfish.
         Do not take caffeine twice a day.
         Must eat four serving of dairy. And especially avoid unpasteurized milk.
         For breast pain, you can wear maternity bra.
         Also, prefer to eat supplement of 100 mcg folic.
         And use vitamins recommended by your doctor according to your body requirements. We recommend DHA and EPA parental vitamins.

Other than these all caring elements, A 9 weeks pregnant highly need a lot of care must concern your doctor, and special it’s not good when bleeding, vaginal discharged, high temperature ( fever), chills and dizziness with bleeding and a lot of pain. In these all situations, you must need a doctor immediately. This is not enough for a healthy pregnancy. For more interesting facts and caring tips, you must visit 9 weeks pregnancy expectations by many weeks pregnant. Just hit on this link